Trina Turk – Bonaire florals

Amy is wearing Model “Bonaire” by Trina Turk. An interesting and fun frame, with a mixture of classic, retro and old-glam silhouettes in an optimistic West Coast styling, including cut out floral patterns on the sides.

Trina Turk has taken its signature look of bold colors and vibrant prints and created a line of eyewear that is truly eye catching (pun intended). Their latest collection is inspired by the architecture, landscape and mix of California, where the brand’s corporate headquarters are located. With colorful prints and a vivid color palette, the collection is sophisticated and casual.

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About Trina Turk

A genuine California local, Trina Turk is inspired by the Golden State’s multicultural mix, creativity, craftsmanship, architecture, and landscape–a synergy that permeates her contemporary, colorful aesthetic. Infused with bold signature prints and dynamic hues unique to each collection, Trina’s modern and optimistic outlook meld the best of classic American design with a California confidence, incorporating beautiful fabrications and impeccable quality for effortless élan and carefree glamour.

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Founded in 1995 by Trina and her husband, photographer Jonathan Skow, as a women’s contemporary clothing line, Trina Turk has evolved into an iconic lifestyle brand, celebrating California style with eleven annual collections of chic women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, plus swimwear, footwear, handbags, jewelry, eyewear, a Mr Turk menswear line, and residential décor and textiles.
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The couple split their time between two historic, mid-century marvels restored in Los Angeles’ creative enclave of Silver Lake and in Palm Springs, interspersed with travels up and down the coastline and around the world. A favorite pastime is vintage shopping and their educated collectors’ eyes discover inspiration in any new destination, near or far. They also share a keen passion for architectural preservation.

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear:  Bonaire by Trina Turk
Model: Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

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