Freakshow – Reflect Yourself

Discover the new Freakshow campaign

With its new baseline “REFLECT YOURSELF”, Freakshow evolves. Inspired by cinema since its founding, the brand chooses today to open itself to every form of arts. With the same philosophy: universality.

The idea is that everyone has a grain of madness inside of him; the same that animates the greatest artists. The new campaign declines this principle visually with a character in the center. Its shadow (the subconcient?) has taken its independance to better express its creativity; his real personality?


The Demogorgon has character! While having a thin face, it reveals a beautiful depth when it is observed from the side. Its geometric design is reinforced by a monoblock tenon whose offset makes it possible to enlarge the frame at the temporal level for an optimal comfort!


The strapping of the AMG used on the Nebula gives a touch of refinment to it, which make this frame so attractive! There is audacity here when mixing the girly fuschia to the silver shiny!
To be discovered at SILMO 2018.

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