SILMO Paris 2018 – so much more than a fair

The new slogan of SILMO Paris confirms the size of an event that brings together professionals from all around the world and inspires a real degree of attachment to the SILMO brand. As an exhibition space and business platform, the World Optical Fair clearly states its position: to be a lead acquisition lever for exhibitors and a sounding board for the entire optics-eyewear industry.

The 2018 edition is looking very promising, with renewed attractiveness, as evidenced by the 108 new companies registered*, including the return of two iconic companies in the sector (Menicon and De Rigo) and some twenty startups. As SILMO Paris supports innovation and creation, it therefore stands out as an unmissable event for conquering markets.

SILMO Paris 2018 is also enhancing its content marketing positioning, with the deployment of event tools and additional information media:


A global space bringing together all the elements that contribute to give a prospective perspective of the market with:

  • THE SELECTION, an exhibition of trending products presented as a scenic forum
  • TRENDS BY SILMO, the digital magazine designed as a real trend book
  • FUTUROLOGY, the new space that aims to present the products and processes of tomorrow to the optics industry and to create connections between historical and new players to help new markets to emerge.

Uberisation is now a phenomenon affecting all sectors of the economy. It is a necessity for each part of our business to ensure its « indispensability » to the chain, to appropriate new tools and products and transform its profession. Thanks to SILMO Next, SILMO Paris is again positioning itself as the standard bearer of the profession, highlighting new opportunities for all players.

For this first year, the Futurology space promotes products and start-ups according to 4 major themes: sport, well-being and health, entertainment and additive manufacturing. Garmin, McLaren, Matérialise, Everysight, 5th Dimension, LightVision, Microoled, Atol, Cinemizer and more have already confirmed their presence and will present their vision on these new potentials in lectures.


The Chair of the Panel is Belgian designer and interior designer Michel Penneman, who is internationally renowned for his hotel renovations. Michel Penneman is passionate conceptual architecture and likes to design comprehensive projects based on stories. It was he who created the amazing Pantone Hotel in Brussels where his mastery of architectural narration and colour earned him the Paris Hospitality Award for Best Novelty of the Year 2010 and first prize in the Miami Travel & Leisure Awards in the same year. Michel Penneman is never locked in a particular style. Instead, he adjusts his work to the spirit of places to dress and furnish them and has a particular interest in the lights and transparencies that structure spaces. He graduated in architectural drawing from the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels and began his career as an architectural draughtsman at Tractebel in the late 80s. He then decides to set up his own architectural synthesis imaging studio and created his first development projects: houses, private apartments, but mainly commercial spaces, shops, hotels and offices, which brought him international recognition.

The eclectic and curious Michel Penneman immediately accepted the opportunity to be Chair of the Panel for the Silmo d ‘Or awards and is already excited about discovering new creations and innovations. He knows just how much glasses make sight more beautiful as objects of everyday life and design.


The 9th Scientific Symposium will focus on the theme of “Vision and Growth” (0 to 20 years of age) with a rich and focused programme on Sunday 30 September 2018.


  • The neurophysiological aspects of vision development and eye maturation in the early years of life by Prof. Emmanuel Bui Quoc, Ophthalmologist
  • The development of stereoscopy in the era of 3D technology by Fabienne Jonqua, Orthoptist
  • Screening of vision disorders in nursery school and primary school children by Charlotte Creux, Orthoptist
    11:35 A.M.
  • Evolution of ametropia: myth or reality? by Dr Christophe Orssaud, Ophthalmologist
  • The optical techniques for curbing myopia:
    – Contact lenses by de contact par Pascale Dauthuile, Optician – Optometrist
    – Glasses lenses by Christian Franchi and Bich Trinh, Opticians
  • The connected child by Prof. Christian Corbe, Ophthalmologist


  • Ocular movements during reading in healthy and pathological children by Maria Pia Bucci, Neurosciences researcher
  • The benefit of filters for the dyslexic child by Hortense Chatard, Orthoptist
  • Visual attention in hyperactive children: re-education by Simona Caldani, Clinical psychologist
  • Treatment of amblyopia by Dr Matthieu Robert, Ophthalmologist
  • Treatment of the partially-sighted child by Dr Béatrice Lebail, Ophthalmologist
  • What visual aid is best for the partially-sighted child? by Agnès Barreto, Optician
    4:50 P.M.
  • Presentation of work achieved in the framework of the 2017 Grant by Samantha Strong, Beneficiary
    5:30 P.M.
  • Awards ceremony for the 2018 Grant and Best Poster Prize

Three candidates are in the running for the 2018 Grant of €10,000:

  • Hortense Chatard, UMR 1141 INSERM, with “The impact of postural and oculomotor rehabilitation on body stability and ocular movements in subjects with age-related macular degeneration”.
  • Kristina Irsch, Institut de la Vision, with “Objective and quantitative evaluation of the transparency of the human cornea”
  • Jan Skerswetat, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, with “Properties of binocular rivalry and interocular grouping in autistic spectrum participants”.


The application that links the justify product with the justify buyer, which was launched last year, is now even more efficient. As a real personal shopper through artificial intelligence (AI), it makes it possible to suggest products according to the tastes and the purchase criteria declared by the visitors at their pre-registration. As users make choices and selections, the system improves the accuracy of the products suggested by using AI. The matches may then lead to appointments with exhibitors. An enriched version 2 that can be used all year round for visitors will be available in late August.

SILMO Paris 2018, THE EVENT, from 28 September to 1st October 2018.

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