Ultra Limited: 3 lines of uniqueness, colour and craftmanship

Ultra Limited presents three optical and sun frames very different from each other, but all characterised by the elements that have always identified the brand: uniqueness, craftsmanship and colour.

Ultra Limited – Regular edition

The Regular Edition includes the most iconic models of the brand, the maximum expression of the mix of colours that has become its hallmark.
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Ultra Limited – Black edition

The Black Edition offers a more updated look of some of the brand’s best-selling models featuring the use of a new technique where a black plate is glued on the front, which is then skilfully milled to bring out the colour along the profile of the glasses.
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Ultra Limited – Profili edition

Finally, with the Profili Edition, Ultra Limited remains faithful to its DNA and proposes a new project made using an audacious gluing technique: a single-colour plate coordinated with the temples is applied to the central part of the front to create a harmonious contrast with the mix of colours of the side ends.
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About Ultra Limited

All the Ultra Limited frames are handmade in Italy using an innovative hi-tech processing system that combines modern technologies with the extraordinary Cadorina manufacturing expertise.

196 acetate colours are chosen in different shades every six months to create three trillion different colour combinations for frames that include 8 to 12 colours. It takes 41 days to produce one pair of glasses. The acetate plates are cut and then glued together. The semi-finished product is left for 12 days under 300 kg presses before being placed in a special oven for 14 days, at different temperatures, in order to prevent bubbles and to eliminate critical points. At this point, the frames with their unrepeatable mix of colours are ready to go through the traditional production process.

For those who want to make their glasses even more exclusive and unique, a logo, inscription or signature can be engraved on the temples and lenses of each Ultra Limited pair of glasses. In this way, each frame – which deliberately does not display the brand’s logo – becomes a sort of work of art, a unique accessory that allows the wearer to stand out and express their individuality.

NEW: Ultra Bags

In line with its multicolour inspiration, Ultra Limited has recently developed a collection of bags in full-grain calfskin, handmade by historic Veneto tanneries and made available to opticians both to sell and to allow them to set up attractive personalised windows and displays.
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All the Ultra Limited products bear Italian names to highlight the brand’s Italian identity: names of Italian cities for the prescription frames, islands for the sun frames, and actors for the bags.

For more information on Ultra Limited, visit www.ultralimited.it

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