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Ralph Anderl​: The time of fashion is over, people tired of the always new, the rotations of consumption. The bow is overdrawn: „Too much – too much!“ we shout, as we fall back into our seat tired from the noise of our time, to shut our eyes and ears. Before fashion there was crafts. The too little, the absence. What was there had to be good, to be preserved over time. Manufacture: hand made. Not always buying new –looking after something, repairing, mending were virtues of time. A pair of shoes to last a lifetime. Pre industrial life ran smoothly, structured. With the industrial revolution, came the efficiency of mechanization and step by step more could be produced; more than people needed. Prosperity spread out over social classes. The “surge” for the “great –more.”

To manufacture something, to own something that is more than the sum of its parts, not spit out off handless machines with no history of distant worlds. The Near, understandable, tangible. Manufactured with hands in our own production – by human beings. That is were the journey goes. A revolution: from back to front! From the Middle Ages to the post-industrial world of manufactured products. ic! berlin​ ready-made glasses – in our own manufacture, in Berlin, by human beings. Valuables for eyes on noses. Without breaking points. ic! berlin glasses remain for a lifetime.

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Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear: ic! berlin
Model: Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

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