Cutler & Gross

This vintage inspired frame is part of the Cutler and Gross Heirloom Collection and was relaunched in celebration of the 45th anniversary of their first flagship boutique in London Knightsbridge, representing one of the chronological key moments of the brand’s aesthetic itinerary. A vintage, round up-swept frame featuring heavy temples. Designed in the late 80s, yet still adored today.

“If you buy a handcrafted pair of glasses or sunglasses, you want to see the tiny inaccuracies, the straight, raw edges of the plastic, the pins – they give character, make them unique to the wearer. The Cutler and Gross customer has always been an individual. Eccentric maybe, but a rare breed, certainly.” – Graham Cutler

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Shooting: TEFdoesSILMO
Eyewear:  Cutler and Gross

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