Wood3n Eyewear

Scandinavia has always been known for combining its nature with design. Today, Erik is showing us a pair of Wood3n Eyewear, which are made from wood and titanium enabling the Opticians to open the frame and Optimize the lens to the customer’s needs. By using recycled wood, every frame is handcrafted in Gothenburg by local craftsmen. Every pair is unique, just like you, and the beautiful aviator ” Landvetter” gets to represent a special concept with the Stockholm City Hall in the background. The collection is called “Fall Into Nature”, or short FIN, which i think is a pretty odd name for a Swedish company that uses Danish technology, but hey, that’s Scandinavia!

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Shooting: TEFdoesSTOCKHOLM
Eyewear: Wood3n Eyewear
Model: Erik Konstadinos Engelv

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