Morà Busoli

Today, Jennifer is wearing Morà Eyewear. which is made out of a combination of marble and carbon fiber, the most sophisticated and technological eyewear of our time. Marble, semiprecious stones and titanium in only 32 grams in weight. This particular precious Italian marble was very appreciated during the Renaissance and used in several prestigious palaces and churches in Venice, Florence and Rome.

These frames are carved out and then reinforced with a sophisticated carbon fiber, engineered by an airspace lab! Consumers can customize each frame out of a huge collection of stones and finishing. This particular model “Thalna” is made from a french marble called “Rouge de Vitrolles” Their history begins with the selection of prestigious and unique materials like every single piece of our collections. Every detail comes from the combination of sophisticated technologies and creativity. The harmonic shapes emphasize the design of perfection. The long and meticulous process characterizes the exclusivity of our productions.

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Shooting: TEFdoesZURICH
Eyewear: Morà Eyewear
Model: Jennifer Bitsche of Faceprint
Photographer: Simon Bitsche

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