Sunny days in Zurich, while Jenny is relaxing and enjoining the spring sun loving her model “Sonnenblende” by COBLENS. It’s simple chic but visible, shaped but doped. Minimalistic design that makes a huge impact“, thats how TEF would describe this vintage inspired brand from the heart of Germany.

Passion, craftmanship and design: With deep roots and longtime experience in the optics industry the label COBLENS was created and is today one oft he leading manufacturers of first-class titanium made spectacles.

The name COBLENS was created by pairing the old french spelling of the city name „Coblence“ with the english word „lens“ for the manufactory, which today designs, produces and distributes spectacles which meet the highest demands.

The noble metal frames from Koblenz – usually equipped with a characteristic double bridge – are now being sold in 15 countries around the world exclusively by classic independent opticiens. Each model is special. Designing in Berlin, finishing in Koblenz – COBLENS combines traditional craftmanship with individual and durable titanium components. The influence of past decades can be felt clearly.

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Shooting: TEFdoesZURICH
Eyewear: COBLENS
Model: Jennifer Bitsche of Faceprint
Photographer: Simon Bitsche

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