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Nikon Lenswear UK and their Partners support Sightsavers in nationwide charity campaign

Nikon Lenswear UK and their local independent optician Partners are raising money for Sightsavers, with a donation campaign launching in practices across the UK this Saturday 1st June until 31st August. During this time, Nikon Lenswear UK will be making a donation on behalf of participating practices for every purchase of a pair of Nikon spectacle lenses with a SeeCoatTM coating.

Sightsavers is an international development organisation that works with governments and other partners across Africa and Asia to save and protect sight. This includes supporting initiatives such as eye health screenings, cataract surgery and health professional training.

“Globally, 1.1 billion people have an untreated or preventable visual impairment. Everyone has a right to good eye health, but more than 90% of people who are blind and 85% of people with a visual impairment live in low and middle income countries. By choosing Sightsavers as a charity partner for its summer campaign, Nikon Lenswear UK is showing its commitment to help save and protect sight across Africa and Asia. Collaborations like these enable the people we support to learn, earn, and prosper thanks to good eye health.”

Morna Lane

Head of Trusts & Corporate Partnerships, Sightsavers

“Supporting local communities is one of our core values within our CSR mission ‘Our Commitment to Our Planet’. We are extremely proud to be working with our Partners in support of Sightsavers for our 2024 charity campaign, extending our social sustainability commitments and ethos to communities around the world.”

Jill McLellan

Managing Director, Nikon Lenswear UK

The campaign is supported with in-store and online communication, driving patient preference to participating practices. Independent opticians are invited to join the campaign by registering their practice via their Business Consultant, or contacting Nikon’s customer service team:
01908 214 100 |

Sightsavers is a registered charity with the numbers 207544 and SC038110.


About Nikon Lenswear UK

With over 100 years of experience in optical glass manufacturing, Nikon has upheld a heritage of uncompromised performance and unparalleled quality. Nikon’s expertise in material development ensures their ophthalmic lenses are among the thinnest and clearest, crucial for optimal light transmission.

Nikon’s coatings play a crucial role in controlling light, reducing reflections, repelling water and oil, preventing static electricity, and improving scratch resistance on eyeglass lenses, resulting in cleaner, clearer, sharper, and more durable vision.

Nikon’s precision and customization technologies in lens design ensure clearer, sharper, and distortion-free vision tailored to your specific needs, whether near, far, or both. Combining clear and thin materials with sharp designs and high performance coatings, Nikon ophthalmic lenses provide wearers with an outstanding vision quality.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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