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Elise is wearing “Aristotle” by the African-inspired brand Bôhten Eyewear, which was designed to have a timeless and classic feel. This African-inspired frame design brings a new blend of materials including characterizes silver-tone metal merged with reclaimed walnut and tortoise acetate tips. Innovations towards increased flexibility of their bridge shapes make for exceptional fit & versatility

Bôhten Eyewear - Aristotle
Bôhten Eyewear - Aristotle

Bôthen Eyewear – Vision of Change

This frame is available in both prescription as non-prescription options including single vision, photochromic and prescription sun lenses, and is a perfect pick for rectangular, shaped, and heart faces.

Bôhten Eyewear - Aristotle
Bôhten Eyewear - Aristotle
Bôhten Eyewear - Aristotle
Bôhten Eyewear - Aristotle

About Bôthen Eyewear

Bôhten produces African-inspired eyewear is engineered to optimize the viewing experience while adding an effortless luxury to your gaze, sharing a vision of change with the world.

CEO & Founder, Nana Boateng Osei’s values a sense of style. Drawing influence from five different countries on three different continents, Bôhten is reflective of both Nana’s skill for creativity and passion for cultural development, sustainability, and fashion as a whole. On the heels of receiving acclaimed feedback on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den”, Nana’s newfound motivation to see the Bohten brand succeed has not gone undone.

His newest collection has since been well received by Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, as well as featured in several regional media circuits like CTV morning live, Daytime Ottawa and in “Press The Fashion” magazine’s 2012 winter issue.

Bôhten believes in supporting our country’s economy. This means setting up local manufacturing channels in Canada to create jobs and opportunities for Canadians at large. With a focus not only on using recycled materials, but the Bôhten brand also seeks to place a high value on reducing waste when utilizing local material for design purposes.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesMIAMI
Eyewear: Aristotle by Bohten Eyewear
Model: Elise Gabrielle Kramer, optometrist and eyewear blogger at Miami Contact Lens

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