Nathalie Blanc // She makes us proud!

Anastasia is wearing “Chupa“, a gorgeous combination frame by Nathalie Blanc Paris with a beautiful colored acetate front encapsulated by a 22-carat gold frame. A bit weird wearing sunglasses indoors, but with this current lockdown, what can you do to still look cool and classy!

Nathalie Blanc Paris
Nathalie Blanc Paris

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Nathalie Blanc, designer” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”18″]The CHUPA frame is a very special model to me and has a unique sculptural beauty.


It is made of a thick insert, made of Modot acetate on a metal frame. Design details, such as the colour coordinated temples, the double bridge and the hole at the end of the temples bring a uniqueness to this frame.


Our CHUPA has been nominated and won the Silmo d’Or 2020, a rewarding price, in an international Optic Fair. [/perfectpullquote]

Nathalie Blanc Paris
Nathalie Blanc Paris
Nathalie Blanc Paris

These frames are only available as sunglasses, in a wide range of colours: dark blue black, green havana yellow, nude champaign and nude havana.

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About Maison Nathalie Blanc

The Parisian house has become one of the benchmarks of the eyewear design, positioning itself as an “haute couture” brand mixing tradition with an avant-garde approach. In 2015, Nathalie Blanc launched her first eponymous eyewear brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, with the desire to create comfort for the complexity and individuality of each face.

Pure & Delicate Design

The winning design is described as a pure and delicate form, with particular care placed on every detail.

Unique & Differentiating details

Its iconic inverted bridge reduces the curve of the nose and makes women look more beautiful. A hollow circle at the end of one of the temples brings a differentiating touch to the sunglasses. A reference to the three small dots of our logo.

The Finest Materials

From custom-designed cellulose acetate to ultra-lightweight titanium, Nathalie Blanc uses nothing but premium materials for her frames.

French Excellence

The collection epitomizes French excellence in design and craftsmanship. All frames are designed in the Parisian workshop and manufactured in the Jura region, the birthplace of the French eyeglass industry. For generations, these skilled artisans have been crafting the world finest eyewear.

In 2018, this combination of a pure design, unique details, fine materials and French craftsmanship made Maison Nathalie Blanc wins the Special Jury Prize “Silmo d’Or”, a prestigious award for innovation and creation at Silmo Paris, the World Optics Fair. It won with the iconic model “Suzanne” competing with major international brands. In 2020, the brand won another “Silmo d’Or” in the category Sunglasses “Eyewear Designer” with the “CHUPA 363”.


By integrating Nathalie Blanc’ model into your world, you become the depositary of history and you ensure the transmission of this exceptional French savoir-faire. Maison Nathalie Blanc is available at more than 700 stores around the world and is featured in many major magazines.

Shooting: TEFdoesMOSCOW
Eyewear: Chupa by Maison Nathalie Blanc
Model: Anastasia Dyuzhenkova, eyewear influencer at Nastya I Ochki

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