Düsseldorf Eyewear // Baby you’re a Firework

Annaliese is wearing the Japan Tag, an exciting frame design by Düsseldorf Eyewear, named after one of the biggest and most exciting events in Düsseldorf with a brilliant and spectacular firework.

Düsseldorf Eyewear
Düsseldorf Eyewear
Düsseldorf Eyewear
Düsseldorf Eyewear

The “Japan Tag” by Düsseldorf Eyewear is a real highlight thanks to its outstanding and exciting frame-lines. The glasses are clearly on the spot in the face of their wearer and fit perfectly because of their bottom-closed frame. The frame element which is opened at the top looks elegant and gives each of your outfits a touch of extravagance especially in combination with the double wire full titanium temple which is specifically developed and patented by Düsseldorf Eyewear.

Düsseldorf Eyewear
Düsseldorf Eyewear

This frame is available in 3 beautiful metal colours, both as optical frame and as a sunglass.

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About the Düsseldorf Eyewear

The trend label from Düsseldorf, founded in 2016, has developed into one of the hottest start-ups in the eyewear scene. Düsseldorf stands for a young and modern city and is full of happiness and style. Exactly these attributes are reflected playful in the frames of the trendy label

The life in Düsseldorf is full of diversity. Inspired by the daily life, by the people here and the state capital itself, these values ​​are processed in the glasses of the trend label and make them not only an accessory. More than that, glasses are a way of life and an expression of the character. According to the trend, the focus of the label lies on high-quality materials such as titanium or stainless steel. Whether in the trendy oversize retro look or rather simple and elegant. The label combines frames with retro flair together with a modern industrial look and creates a unique style with a recognition factor.

Shooting: TEFdoesLONDON
Eyewear: Japan Tag by Düsseldorf Eyewear
Model: Annaliese Dayes, model and presenter at 100% Optical London

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