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An oldy but one of my favourite frames I own is this pilot VAVA Eyewear sunglass, which Pedro gave me a few years back. Its streamlined design is breathtaking, but super simple minimalistic as well, which is a clear reference to the Bauhaus design philosophy that this brand was based on; simple design used to its full potential.

TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 0-4
TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 11
TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 0-2
TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 2

Even though I am personally a fan of his more extravagant shapes, which he called “Black Label”, Pedro convinced me to go for this round shape, to match my fat round face I am sure! The foundation of his design works with basic forms like this round, but also simple shapes like square, rectangle and triangle.

TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 1
TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 0-1
TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 12
TEF Magazine - Vava Eyewear - 0-3

This model WL0018 I am wearing, is no longer in his collection, but don’t worry, many maybe even cooler models were added. It came in three colourways, and I chose the aliminium front with black acetate temples for maximum contrast. It is fitted with dark crystal sun lenses by Barberini, which are very hard to scratch, which is a must for clumsy me.

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His concept is closely linked to the “post-industrial” society in which we live, and the growing belief of belonging to a “post-human” age. With his designs, he plays around people’s imaginary and “science fiction”, and gets inspired by futuristic unisex characters.

TEF Magazine
TEF Magazine
TEF Magazine

About VAVA Eyewear

His frames are made of aluminium, an extremely light material with great physical and mechanical properties, produced in Italy using a cutting-edge industrial cutting / milling process. While remarkably resistant to corrosion, aluminium can also be recycled over and over again.

The aluminium frames are made at small family-owned Italian factory, as we pride ourselves in avoiding mass production. VAVA also uses exclusively Barberini lenses across all models in the aluminium series. Another great feature is the inclusion of 100% rubber nose pads, which provide a softer feeling and neutral temperature all year long. The acetate temple tips while further contributing to soften the feeling, also contribute to improve the adjustment of the spectacles.

Another key aspect of the brand is the use of mineral crystal lenses. This reinforces the unique nature of the brand. VAVA believes that only the natural purity of the glass can ensure the best optical precision of a lens and the inalterability of its characteristics in time, along with its typical and unique transparency.

VAVA uses exclusively Barberini lenses across all models in the acetate series. For many years, Barberini has been a synonym of excellence in the optical glass sun lenses segment.

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Model WL0018 by VAVA Eyewear
Model: Maarten Weidema, TEF Magazine
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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