Hall of Frames // breaking new grounds

Challenging times call for inventive solutions. With this in mind, the Hall of Frames organisers (internationally known as HOF) are testing a new trade-fair format this spring. The new concept has already been successful in Sweden and is now debuting in Switzerland. The first edition of the Hall of Frames Weekend will take place in Lucerne from March 13 to 15 2021. Instead of congregating in one location, eyewear exhibitors will be spread across the city at different locations.

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the trade-fair landscape. Large international trade fairs have been postponed or cancelled altogether. But crises also provide new opportunities, especially for smaller, regional fairs like the Hall of Frames (HOF). In their search for new ideas and concepts, the HOF organisers found what they were looking for in Sweden. You & Eye Weekend took place in Gothenburg in September 2020 and both exhibitors and visitors responded enthusiastically to the new trade-fair format. The HOF is bringing this format to Switzerland in partnership with You & Eye Weekend organisers.

Instead of the brand exhibitors presenting their collections in one place, they will be spread around the city at various locations. This way, nobody’s safety is compromised, and business can be effortlessly combined with pleasure. Lucerne is a cosmopolitan city, especially when it comes to culture and gastronomy. Why not travel there with the whole team for the weekend and enjoy all it has to offer?

Within reach

Lucerne is not only worthwhile visiting, but it is also conveniently sized. All exhibitors will be within walking distance from each other and each exhibitor is free to choose their location. This can be a hotel suite, a pop-up store or even a barber shop. Whatever takes your fancy! But the organisers are also on-hand to help find an exhibition venue if needed. They have already scouted out some locations and made some arrangements. Intriguingly, some of the venues are not normally open to the public…

More time

The Hall of Frames Weekend starts on Saturday March 13, 2021. Why not make a weekend of it with your team or family and stay overnight? Visitors can enjoy favourable conditions when booking a hotel room at the HOF Weekend partner hotels. This way you can relax after your arrival. Lucerne, the city of lights, is particularly attractive in the evening.

Digital platform

The heart of the event is an electronic platform through which all registrations will be processed, and all information exchanged between the organisers, exhibitors and visitors. This platform will be activated at the beginning of January 2021 and will be regularly updated.

For the HOF Weekend, not only exhibitors but also visitors must register. This gives them access to the Hall of Frames Weekend platform, where they can use a web-based app to make appointments with exhibitors. Once registered, visitors will benefit from special rates at selected hotels and receive inspiration for how to spend their free time in the city.

Outlook autumn 2021

After more than three years of total renovation, the Zurich Convention Centre will reopen in summer 2021. The Hall of Frames will be one of the first events in the newly renovated Convention Centre on 12 & 13 September 2021. The event will take place in the Garden Hall in the familiar form of a table-top fair.

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