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While getting some Brussels waffles in downtown Brussels, Jasmine is wearing Minx, a fun and playful frame by Miyagi with a flurry of color, which is both bright as unique. This beautiful frame design doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. It actually welcomes light to shine through it’s translucent, bright acetate for a brilliant look.

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It’s daring with sharp contrasting color combinations, and the details are subtle and tasteful with contrasting temple tips featuring the “ii” logo symbol of Miyagi. The inside temple details are stamped in gold filling.

Miyagi glasses - Minx
Miyagi glasses - Minx
Miyagi glasses - Minx
Miyagi glasses - Minx
Miyagi glasses - Minx
Miyagi glasses - Minx

With acute attention to detail, the brand offers designer eyeglasses with quality craftsmanship and a unique sense of style beautifully showcased through the finest in Italian cellulose acetate, genuine leather, natural-treated wood, Biodegradable plastic, hypoallergenic metal, Swarovski crystals, and stainless steel all while satisfying each wearer’s personal style inclinations.

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About Miyagi Eyewear

Miyagi Eyewear, a Los Angeles based company at the intersection of fashion and popular culture, is a brand that offers a dynamic interplay of European trends and L.A.’s own fashionable allure. Each frame in the new collection, both men’s and women’s, emulates this certain phenomenon of painting an individual’s personality either through colors, shapes, textures, or construction.

Shooting: TEFdoesBRUSSELS
Eyewear: Minx by Miyagi
Model: Jasmine Martirosian, optician and eyewear blogger at Jasmine Eyewear.

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