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[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”Shaun Paterson, Founder” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”17″]SHAUNS has become synonymous with designs which achieve a balance between a clean, restrained silhouette and thoughtful, rich design touches.


The Kames & Lauder are two more great examples of us providing our man and woman with frames in which they feel tailored and sophisticated yet subtly distinct.[/perfectpullquote]

As part of the brands continued exploration of balance and detail SHAUNS releases mixed material pair Kames & Lauder. The frames share a bridgeless design with a high bowed brow bar for a distinct and modern silhouette. The Kames is a contemporary panto eye shape and the Lauder a widely flattering soft rectangular eye shape.

Both frames are available in 4 metal finishes, with 4 corresponding acetate inserts. Pale Colored Crystals were selected by the design team for the acetate inserts to maintain a light visual weight around the eye while still introducing the richness of the acetate.

Thoughtful details include cubist inspired sculpted temples and temple tips, custom textured eye wire and “strap” soldering. The frames are handmade in Italy and are available immediately.

The Lauder

The Lauder has a familiar rectangular eye shape with modern updates like the bowed brow bar bridge, custom beveled temples, and thermoformed temple tips.

[URIS id=28319]

The Kames

The Kames is a contemporary panto eye shape with an equally modern bridgeless construction. Featuring a bowed high brow bar and custom beveled temples.

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About Shauns

Shauns is a California based design label founded by Shaun Paterson in 2011. Seeking to redefine California style while challenging the notion of what luxury should really stand for. All of their products are designed in California and produced in family-owned workshops in Italy and Japan.

Their aim is to celebrate the human capacity in every aspect, from the artisanal way each product is produced to a deeply rooted social mission that allows them to help mobilize the visually impaired, one pair of glasses at a time.

Their philosophy is called Soulful Luxury.

View their latest collection at

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