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Next up in our “Amazing Eyewear – Made in France” tour, is the performance eyewear brand Julbo. French to its core, with its roots in the Jura mountains, their founder Jules Baud (pronounced as Julbo) created his first eyewear for cristal miners in 1888, paving the way for one of the most iconic mountaineering and alpine eyewear brands in the market.

Sunglasses from heritage to functional high tech sunglasses


Their traditional mountaineering sunglasses are timeless classics symbolic of Julbo’s history with the mountains. Rock stars, mountaineers and Julbo fans from all walks of life have praised them to the skies. 

This is their traditional mountaineering model with round lenses and leather side shields. 

To celebrate the 125th anniversary, Julbo had reissued the legendary Vermont in the year 2014 (I got mine a few years later). Since then every year Julbo brings new colors and styles of the VERMONT CLASSIC in the market.


Combining the expertise of the Jura-based company founded more than 130 years ago and the latest innovations in the area of data display, EVAD-1 announces JULBO’s entry into the connected age. 

More than just glasses, here, JULBO has created a new generation of wearables that will revolutionise people’s approach to sport. Enabling the display of data directly in the field of view, without requiring any particular actions, it enables sportspeople to remain focussed on what they are doing while receiving live data related to their performance. This information will enable them to take instant action to exploit their full sporting potential.


Julbo offers the widest range of prescription sports eyewear on the market, combining its renowned lens technologies with a wide and comprehensive offering of frames. The RX LAB program allows opticians to meet the growing demand for prescription frames for sport and everyday activities, while guaranteeing an efficient process and high-end quality.


Julbo’s collection of prescription glasses for adults, children and toddlers rely on injected frames, adjustable temples and end pieces, adjustable temple distances and deeplenses for the little ones. 

Their frames perfectly combine technical excellence and elegance, ergonomics and contemporary design. 

They are available for adaptation to visual corrections like short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.




Their LOOP S sunglasses protect the eyes of babies thanks to outstanding coverage. They’re light, comfortable, tough enough for anything and feature Spectron category 4 lenses to perfectly filter out the sun’s harmful rays.

Julbo hasn’t forgotten parents either. Their reversible frame and new adjustable strap allow you to perfectly fit these sunglasses on baby faces. Thier LOOP S frames stay firmly in position so that little ones can forget they’re wearing them.


With their “Little Heroes” collection, Julbo proves its expertise in the field of children’s glasses.

This comprehensive range of glasses for very young children includes a large selection of materials, constructions and different designs and guarantees safe protection, aesthetic style and absolute robustness.

KUMA is designed for very young kids between 3-5 years. Available in 5 colors: red, pink, light grey, violet, blue


Julbo’s frames for teens are demanding and difficult: never easy to please the connected generation! They succeed in the exercise with stylish models and neat materials, completely in tune with the times for all teenagers who like to make their mark.

Glasses designed to move and make a statement. The sportive optical frame ORIENGO in a modern, trendy design with high quality and long durability is available in four bright colors: blue. black/orange, grey/chestnut brew, black

Drawing inspiration from its heritage, Julbo wants to be known for its outdoor spirit in the eyewear market. Releasing new ranges and new products but always with that same taste for adventure and freedom that allows everyone to see the world even better.

Check out their wide variety of perfomance and lifestyle frames at

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