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Martin is wearing an exquisite full-rim frame by Lithe Titanium Eyewear, which has no screws, no soldered rim joints, no complicated lens fitting – just weightlessness in every sense. What’s so intriguing about the new full-rim version of the feather-light Lithe collection is its intelligent construction.

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The lenses are securely held by tension alone and each element of the frames is elegantly connected using an innovative hook-and-eye technique. The material – flexible, hypoallergenic Japanese beta-titanium – makes these frames stable and pleasant to wear. The full-rim design is supplied in three different lens shapes, each in two-tone colours.

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About Lithe Titanium Eyewear

Visibilia GmbH debuted the brand-new Lithe Eyewear collection at the 2019 opti trade show. The ten models are available in four colours and crafted from Japanese beta titanium – an elastic, aesthetic and delicate material that is at once a paragon of feather-lightness and function. Astonishingly easy nylon-thread mounting and a comfortable, modern frame style make Lithe Eyewear the surprise of the year. Fashion meets function and apt becomes attractive, also as a range of sunglasses with nylon lenses.

Ride the trend of finesse and lightness, and enjoy the latest labour of love from Viktor Kammerer and Volker Beck, who designed the product line.

More information is available from VISIBILIA, telephone: +4a (0) 7173 7140-0,

Shooting: TEFdoesSUISSE
Eyewear: Lithe by Visibilia
Model: Martin Graf, editor in chief at EYEcom
Photographer: Tania Cater

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