Charmossas // Barcelona design with African inspirations

On a rainy day in downtown Boston, Alissa is lifting her spirit by wearing this elegant frame by Charmossas. A panto shape with a cat-eye twist, which thin lines give it a super feminine look while keeping the essence of her beautiful face.

Everything in eyewear creation begins with inspiration. It’s an ongoing process of training the mind to collect ideas and store them. For this model ” Yankari”, their designer Carla got inspired during a trip to Africa. While playing with some crazy shapes and lines, she used the “less is more” concept to transform the image in her mind into a wearable piece of art.

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Now we get to her favourite part of the process. Carla loves the creation process, but sometimes the technical sides and measures are a little bit less interesting, so she leaves that part to her partner. Her strongest skill and the part that she is passionate about is choosing colors and making the color combinations! For this frame design, she chose an elegant but also casual combination, which can be used on any occasion and different clothing styles. She got the inspiration from an image, an orange sunset sky, a deep blue sea and a glass of Martini…

[URIS id=25671]

On the upper part she used a shiny royal blue combined with rim and lower part a light pink, gold, and silver mixed color, almost as champagne. Each frame is a world with its own features, lines, and story.

About Charmossas

Seven years ago, during her vacation on a beach somewhere in Africa, her husband asked if Carla Isabel Pires wanted to realize her dream. Setting up her own eyewear brand with all her passion and her own ideas. Carla is inspired by her city of Barcelona, a colorful relaxed but also the dynamic environment with all facets of art, color, and life. If you like Mediterranean temperament then you love Charmossas! The collection has already proven itself as commercial, qualitative and good salable in the price range up to 200 euros.

Shooting: TEFdoesBOSTON
Eyewear:  Yankari by Charmossas
Model:Alissa Bourne – Co-owner at Soma Optical
Photographer: Christos Karabelas


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