Six Eyewear Colours Anyone Can Wear!

Did anyone see Trinny Woodall’s article ‘the ultimate guide to colour confidence’ recently in the Daily Mail UK newspaper?

It was so perfectly aligned with what I believe – that Colour is magical. It can lift you and boost not only your confidence, but those around you too!

Just think of the difference between how you feel on a dull grey day and how this changes when the sun is out and the flowers are blooming!

But whilst most people love and appreciate colour, many are often afraid of making a bad decision, or standing out for the wrong reasons. Because of this, people tend to stick to what they believe are the safe ‘blacks and browns’ and this is absolutely true of our eyewear choices too!

And yet, our eyewear is the most visible accessory and the one that sits closest to our hair skin and eyes. So wearing the right colour here, really is important and can have a dramatic impact on how we look and feel.

And it’s up to us as trusted experts, to show our clients the transformational power of colour. Having the skills to be able to identify your clients dominant colour type, and confidently show them the different colours which work in balance and harmony with their natural colouring, very often often moves them away from the safe, often severe black/browns frames or “one pair” which goes with everything , and into the world of multiple colours for different outfits.

Being able to do this well in an Optical Practice environment, is one of the biggest ways into multiple pair dispenses, and just one of the important skills we teach you in the Eyewear Stylist Course

There’s a lot to learn about colour, but for today I want to share with you a very valuable tip; there are some colours which work for everyone!

It’s true. They are called Universal Colours (they are Medium depth, neither light nor dark, neither warm nor cool, neither bright or muted).

And they are great colours to have in your eyewear collections for those taking their first steps into the world of colour!

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