Essedue // A game of mirror, between one and the others


The others are not the hell, as the French philosopher Sartre said. The other is instead an essential element of our own self and the awareness we have of ourselves. It is in the face of the other that we can see, more or less faithfully reproduced, day after day, the image of our own face. It is in his eyes that we can share fears and joys. And from the union of our eyes with those of the other we build our social being, that social animal that Aristotle spoke of.

Today we need even more to mirror ourselves in the faces of those around us in order to give meaning to life in common, to repel the fears that assail our society. We need to mirror ourselves in those who love us and those who want us badly; each one sends back to us something of our image in his or her own way and consequently, each one contributes to making us think of ourselves what we think, becoming what we really are.


The Essedue SS20 campaign is born from here: from mirroring in the other and is made of mirrors. The faces reflects in each other, where the other becomes one with the other. And in this game of mirrors, glasses assume an essential projection, as faithful companions of our face, in any situation.

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