Certottica Academy // Eyewear of the Future

In honor of the extraordinary 50th anniversary of MIDO, the second-year students of the ITS Academy in eyewear design and engineering produced 25 designs as a tribute to the Golden Edition.

Based on input from MIDO, which provided mood inspiration for the 50th anniversary, the students came up with concepts of interpretation. Using gold to represent the 50th anniversary, the number 50, the 1970s as inspiration for shapes and trends, the phases of the moon, concentric rings (drawing ideas from the crosscut section of a tree trunk) and the shape of the lens with the MIDO logo.

Be sure to go and check out their best projects, which will be displayed at the Certottica stand from February 29 to March 2, Pavilion 4 – A04 B10.


Advertorial: MIDO

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