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ic! berlin presents itself with a new brand identity

The innovative eyewear brand ic! berlin presents itself from now on with a new, unconventional and memorable brand identity. The newly redesigned logo combines round with square shaped elements while still being flanked by the familiar “Seal” icon. As part of the new corporate identity, ic! berlin developed a new website, a new color scheme and typeface. Despite the new look, the trend-setting eyewear manufacturer remains true to itself; its aesthetics are still inspired by the diversity of Berlin.

Unconventional and memorable – the new design elements of ic! berlin

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Pablo La Rosa, Global Brand Director” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]With our new brand design, we emphasize the premium quality of our products while building an even stronger connection to our environment in Berlin. The combination of an understated minimalist design language and the focus on capturing authentic Berlin moments creates our distinctive branding.[/perfectpullquote]

The logo lettering of ic! berlin stands for a self-confident and distinctive appearance. It reflects the precision of the brand and its focus on details. The new, angular elements symbolize Berlin’s self confidence and urbanity. Characteristic for the German capital, this conveys the contemporary, open attitude of ic! berlin – effortlessly memorable.

The picture mark of ic! berlin’s signature screwless hinge is now linked to the logo as a new visual. It is an essential element of the brand and becomes even more important in the future as a quality seal for outstanding design and excellent manufacturing.

Via self-confidence ic! berlin reaches for strong statements. Headlines created in the serif typeface Blacker Display Bold create an elegant, delicate look, which contrasts with neutral, clear text fonts. The synergy between efficiency and design underlines once again the premium standards of the brand.

The colour black underlines the restrained attitude and combined with neutral white it becomes the brand-defining tone of the new brand design by ic! berlin. Light and dark graduated secondary colours in coldish saturated orange, green, rose, blue and dust build a bridge between the modestly as well as bold Berlin character and the re-branding.

The ic! berlin eyewear collections

With the relaunch ic! berlin collapses its product lines into five distinct collections: Classic, Silk, Urban, Titan and Creations. Each collection line stands for its very own forms and represents a part of the company’s own design identity.

The Classic Collection features the company’s signature 6- and 10mm screwless hinge in a modern, restrained design. Loved by purists, the models are named after and inspired by authentic Berlin personalities or places.

The Silk Collection is inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design and features an ultra-thin 3.5mm screwless hinge. All models of this line are particularly light yet strong – just as the winds they are named after.

The Urban Collection captivates with casual sportiness. The eyewear models combine the colourful accents of high-quality rubber elements with a core made of stainless steel and are particularly convincing in active city life.

The TITAN Collection models combine bold, classic design with the strength of titanium. Their sturdy construction and timeless design make them the perfect match for both classic business looks and sporty outfits.

The Creations Collection is where ic! berlin designers are free to break new ground. These highly creative designs culminate in bold capsule collections and collaborations, along with eye-catching show pieces and extravagant buffalo horn editions.

ic! berlin – glasses made in Berlin

The eyewear manufactory ic! berlin was founded in 1996 in the German capital and is famous for its innovative, handmade eyewear made in Berlin. ic! berlin models are extremely light, flexible and are characterized in particular by a unique, screwless hinge system. Today, ic! berlin products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. The company employs more than 180 people.

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