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Perspective Loop is the latest interpretation of consistent minimalism by Götti Switzerland. Unmatched lightness with meaningful contours. The Perspective BOLD 07 is actually a rimless glasses with a meaningful 3D printed edge.


With the Götti Perspective collection, Sven Götti and his team have created a whole new dimension of rimless eyewear. There is already some well-known rimless eyewear on the market, but the Perspective actually works without any screws and works with an elegant and tricky plug-in system (also patented by Götti) that is supported by modern 3D print technology.
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So it also happened that my sunglasses, which I already selected in advance, were assembled on-site directly and together with me within a few minutes. One click, once clack accuracy and sensitivity and finished was my masterpiece – the perspective DCS04. I think I do not have to mention at this point, that these sunglasses are incredibly light.

Eyewear: götti Perspective Bold 07
Model: Jennifer Bitsche, eyewear blogger at Faceprint
Photographer: Marina Schedler Photography

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