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Perspective Loop is the latest interpretation of consistent minimalism by Götti Switzerland. Unmatched lightness with meaningful contours. The Perspective BOLD 07 is actually a rimless glasses with a meaningful 3D printed edge.


With the Götti Perspective collection, Sven Götti and his team have created a whole new dimension of rimless eyewear. There is already some well-known rimless eyewear on the market, but the Perspective actually works without any screws and works with an elegant and tricky plug-in system (also patented by Götti) that is supported by modern 3D print technology.
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So it also happened that my sunglasses, which I already selected in advance, were assembled on-site directly and together with me within a few minutes. One click, once clack accuracy and sensitivity and finished was my masterpiece – the perspective DCS04. I think I do not have to mention at this point, that these sunglasses are incredibly light.


Eyewear: götti Perspective Bold 07
Model: Jennifer Bitsche, eyewear blogger at Faceprint
Photographer: Marina Schedler Photography

Author: Jennifer BitscheJennifer Bitsche runs the Eyewear Concept Store Hingucker and writes for her own blog called Faceprint, her creative path, and visual space to bring you closer to the eyewear industry. In the background of this industry, so many exciting things happen that she wants to tell you about. Glasses are not only a nice accessory but also a strong statement. In 2016, she started her eyewear blog. Quickly this has turned out to be a great passion. Today she writes about current trends, new labels and other things related to eyewear, always with a focus on fashion & lifestyle.

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