Miyagi Eyewear // Glamour & Comfort

Miyagi Eyewear; A perfect mix of glamour and comfort. Conceptualized in Los Angeles, crafted in Italy and immortalized here by the fabulous dr. Mariam in the city of Angels.

Mariam is wearing their latest style Adele, an artistic approach to a class rectangular shape for women. The paint-brush pearly pink of this color-blocked acetate contrasts with the subtle blue hues of tortoise.


Born out of the trendy hills and cool beaches of Los Angeles, and invigorated by the world of high-fashion eyewear, Miyagi Eyewear features the latest in technology together with today’s hottest fashion trends.

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With acute attention to detail, the brand offers designer eyeglasses with quality craftsmanship and a unique sense of style beautifully showcased through the finest in Italian cellulose acetate, genuine leather, natural-treated wood, Biodegradable plastic, hypoallergenic metal, Swarovski crystals, and stainless steel all while satisfying each wearer’s personal style inclinations.

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About Miyagi Eyewear

Miyagi Eyewear, a Los Angeles based company at the intersection of fashion and popular culture, is a brand that offers a dynamic interplay of European trends and L.A.’s own fashionable allure. Each frame in the new collection, both men’s and women’s, emulates this certain phenomenon of painting an individual’s personality either through colors, shapes, textures, or construction.

Miyagi Eyewear, a collection forever unified under a single theme: A perfect mix of glamour and comfort…

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear: Miyagi Eyewear
Model: Mariam Aslami of TheModernOD

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