Helden Optical // No Frills

Frills? Nah. Not for the guys at Helden Optical.
Purity and quality happen to be the things that really gets them going.

Established in 2017, Helden Optical was founded in the Netherlands to share the founder’s love for the fundament of the most beautiful glasses: the shape of the lenses and the way these specific shapes keep coming back everywhere you look. Because they just turn out to be the absolute best in wearabilty and style, that’s why. The attention that is given and the way the materials are designed around these returning lens shapes, give a brand its own identity and feel. Most of the fundamental eyewear-designs have been around since spectacles exist, and they will probably remain everlasting.

Another thing that has been around since a long time and will also last until the end of time, are “Heroes”. And that’s exactly what Helden means in Dutch. No-nonsense, combining necessity with beauty and keeping our own identity – that’s what they aim for. Their frames are for those who love a design that can stand on its own. 

SILMO 2019

This autumn, they are SILMO bound to debute with new designs. Their new collection is made out of the most beautiful 8mm acetate sheets and are, of course, based on their best shapes. The colours are fresh and bright. They are quite eager to show you what they have worked on so hard the last year.

So please, feel free to swing by their SILMO booth! You can find them at hall 5, C095.



Source: Advertorial
Eyewear: helden Optical
Text: Marilyn de Beurs
Click here for more Helden on TEF Magazine or check them out at Silmo Paris – Hall 5  C095

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