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Patricia is wearing “Place des Vosges” by Jeremy Tarian. Named after the oldest square in Paris, which is known as one of the most beautiful squares in the world thanks to the symmetrical architecture, as can be found in the frame as well. We loved how the combination of the curvy round rimes and the edgy corners played with Patricias feminine lines.

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TARIAN l’Atelier spotlights craft’s natural raw materials: clays, enamels, acetate and metals. Ornamental and useful, both my glasses and ceramics are designed and crafted in keeping with craft’s traditions: small series, natural materials, meticulous care for details and the beauty of handmade creations.

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The Tarian brand is built on a foundation of passion for eyewear, artful craftsmanship, exquisite details and technical precision.  His designs clearly resonate the beautiful blending of eyewear and art – resulting in a personal statement of confidence and choice. All production is personally managed by Jérémy, and adds to the integrity, quality, and individuality of the designs. The Tarian Collection is available internationally in exclusive Optical boutiques and speciality shops

Shooting: TEFdoesPORTO
Eyewear: Place des Vosges” by Jeremy Tarian
Model: Patricia Vieites, Executive director at LookVision Portugal
Photographer: Miguel Silva

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