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Beach Life: Mineral Glass Eyewear by Otis

I find beach dresses like this a very useful addition to a beach-holiday wardrobe. I wear them over a bikini for (hotel) breakfast, for walking to and from the beach and to a casual lunch. Over the years, I’ve collected rather a lot and I bring them out year after year. Inevitably, they end up with at least some sandy-suncream residue, so I take one for every day. (I can attest to the machine-washability of this one. It came out looking pristine. I have already packed it to take to Calpe, Spain which is where Ian and I are heading to at the weekend).

This cream scalloped ethical beach dress is new this season. It’s another from Aspiga, the one-stop-ethical-beachwear-shop that I’m so fond of. The dress is slightly sheer but it comes with a separate cotton slip which I wore under the dress for breakfast and lunch.  It turns beachwear into daywear. I love anything with a scalloped edge, and this was, in the main, why it caught my eye. However, I was totally smitten when I saw close-up the beautiful embroidery and the subtle diamante detail.

embroidered ethical beach dress

embroidered ethical beach dress

embroidered ethical beach dress

embroidered ethical beach dress

embroidered ethical beach dress

scalloped edge embroidered ethical beach dress

When I wasn’t in the sea, I wore it with these gold beaded starfish sandals, which are also from Aspiga. I adore them. And as with all Aspiga pieces, the supply chain is guaranteed to be fair trade and ethical.

ethical gold starfish sandals

The hotel in which we stayed sits on a small beach. It’s beautiful, unspoiled and immaculate. It’s such a happy place for me, my children and for my parents too, who’ve also stayed in Nerja three times. I have a feeling we’ll all go a fourth time. Like she did in our previous two visits, my daughter Poppy took all of my outfit photographs and she did a great job. I had to compensate her time and trouble with cocktails though.)

The  Perfect Pair

What is the perfect eyewear to go with this ethical beach dress? This round eye, the Winston by Otis fits the bill. Like the dress, it is simple and casually chic. As well as that it has green credentials because it has mineral glass lenses which are composed from entirely natural materials like sand and soda ash. These elements are harmless to humans, animals and the environment, and they’re endlessly recyclable. This seemed particularly appropriate for this heavenly unspoiled, unpolluted beach.

Otis round mineral glass sunglasses

scalloped edge cream beach dress

Why Otis Sunglasses Are Perfect For The Beach

I’ve mentioned before the extraordinary quality of Otis lenses when I wore a different style of sunglasses on Bamburgh Beach. There is no distortion and they are inherently scratch-resistant, (take a look at this video to see them versus a plastic lens). You can see just how good they are from the quality of the reflection in them below. And with their inherent scratch-resistance in mind, I recommend glass lenses for dusty or sandy environments. The lenses won’t scratch when wiping grains of sand off them.

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