TEFtalk – Zen Barcelona – Vision Expo East

At Vision Expo in New York, we had a talk with Jean-Baptiste from Zen Barcelona. We have seen some amazing eyewear coming from that city, but he really surprised me with some great innovations. Their Xtra-thin collection for instance, that features an extra-light 2.5mm laminated acetate frame with an ultrathin internal metal skeleton. Cool stuff, although my camera was a bit out of focus!


ZEN has its own style and it does not fit with the dictates of the fashion world and opinion formers. They offer exclusive and unique frames for both men and women. Creative and innovative models designed and created in Barcelona.
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The brand name was inspired by this exercise in self-reflection and has inspired all our collections since. Your glasses are part of who you are. They’re with you all day, every day and have to adapt to all the different moments of your life. To find your glasses is to find balance. Which is why every Zen Barcelona collection is a new attempt in search of that perfect balance.

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The brand was born in Barcelona and the city is in its DNA. For them, Barcelona is a city full of contrasts in perfect balance. A city home to historic buildings and avant-garde architecture, where science mixes with the good life, the sun and delicious cuisine. A European city on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is a dynamic city that inspires every one of their shapes and colours.

For more information, check out their website!

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