Gernot Lindner // Silver Eyewear

At today’s TEFdoesBARCA, Jasmin is wearing a beautiful sterling silver panto by Gernot Lindner, which is far more than what meets the eye, it’s an absolute treasure! Master optometrist Gernot Lindner, rose to international fame with his eyewear designs for such personalities as Elton John and Steve Jobs and is still going strong today with one of the world’s very few silver collections.


All models of the Gernot Lindner Silver Eyewear collection are immediate eye-catchers through their perfect fit and quality and their intelligent functionality. Creating a design piece of timeless elegance and outstanding wearing comfort, this is what we aspire to every day with all our passion and experience!

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Experience the benefits of genuine sterling silver glasses. Silver won’t rust or cause allergic reactions. After two years of research, our experts found a way to process silver such that exquisitely sophisticated eyeglass frames could be created from it. All parts of the Gernot Lindner Silver Eyewear collection are made of sterling silver, with the sole exception of the stainless-steel screws.


Glasses from the Gernot Lindner Silver Eyewear collection are more than just a visual aid, they’re your constant companion. An accessory made to last. However, should a screw come undone or a temple become bent, it’s our guarantee to provide you with an immediate replacement, and for every model.



Their high quality is achieved by creating the designs in the very same place where production and final assembly occur — in their factory in the Bavarian town of Thyrnau. The individual parts of the Gernot Lindner Silver Eyewear collection are manually assembled into the finished glasses. Every step in this process includes a careful quality control of the individual parts and the connections between them. Before any pair of glasses leaves our company, the frame undergoes a final inspection.

Shooting: TEFdoesBARCA
Eyewear: GL303 by Gernot Lindner Silver Eyewear
Model: Jasmin Teichmeister, Pur Style
Photographer: Julia Malinowska

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