Freakshow – New freaky frames

Check out these 4 new freaky and funky frames by Freakshow. The brand whose only limit, is their own imagination:


Model Mantis combines two materials: AMG, used in aeronautics, and stainless steel. A combination of solidity, originality and lightness. The metal structure discretely appears around the front rim for a refined strapping effect


Refined and modern, the new Freakshow end tip plays with graphic shapes and the associations of colors, just like the whole collection does! Two laminations come to underlign the look, for a modern and colorful frame !


The epoxy coating oultines the curve of the metal, and highlights the glance, without neglecting the strenght of model Green.


Model Kent plays with color associations and refinement throught a full-metal lugs and temples set. The arrow-shaped end-tip cutting is a reminder of the shape of the Freakshow rivets.

Laurent Baffie wears Freakshow

He is one of the most notorious mavericks of French TV. While visiting the Freakshow showroom, Laurent Baffie was seduced by model Renton. A pair of sunglasses that will never go unnoticed … A bit like him!

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