Variation Design – Demoiselle

Chantal is wearing the “Demoiselle, a beautiful frame designed by V.DESIGN for women who like to seduce by playing hide and seek. With several superposed and aerated faces, the thin coloured rims meet at bridge level but separate at the sides, creating an organic floral effect.

5846 demoiselle-RO

The light frame design recalls pages of a book, moved by just a light breeze. This unique frame is embellished with a resolutely modern identity.”


V.DESIGN : designer collection that allows everyone , male or female, to assert his personality and character. Drawing its lines in different universes such as design , nature and architecture, V.DESIGN creations are a mix of curves , colors and material effects .  The collection is divided into combined acetate , drilled, full-ring and nylon frames.

5846 demoiselle-RO
5846 demoiselle-BL
5846 demoiselle-NO

About the brand:

In 2003, Dominique Varlet , a former optician North of France, created the company VARIATION DESIGN. His experience allows him to offer to each of his creations , a daring and aesthetic design.  In 2006, he combined this knowledge with the one of a young designer to develop this dynamic spirit he has just created. V.DESIGN®, the first collection is born , followed a few years later by a collection for children : V.DESIGN KIDS®.  In parallel, BOVELO®, a sober style brand, completes the offer of this young company.


Their design team is now composed of three designers with many talents and boundless inspiration, strongly committed to the development of their collections. Anxious to be anchored in the fashion news and trends, they innovate and continually offer a wide choice of models. The birth of a new collection is a top event in color and creativity thanks to them.

Shooting: TEFdoesSAOPAOLO
Eyewear: Demoiselle by V.Design
Model: Chantal Goldfinger of ByTheEyewear
Photographer: Rafael Leforte

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