Maybach – Masterly Creations by Specialist

Step down lens design

Amy is wearing The Revolution II by MAYBACH Eyewear. A rimless sunlens frame, with platinum plated titanium details and genuine buffalo horn temples in a rich black/white marbled structur. We loved this step down lens design encased by quality.

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For decades MAYBACH has symbolized the most exacting demands on quality, luxury and individuality. Arising from their background of automotive excellence, the name and standards are today carried on in high-end Eyewear, Leather Goods and Saddlery by MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY. Characteristic are intricately worked, exquisite materials and outstanding design.

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MAYBACH Eyewear represents the peak of optical luxury – tempting the senses of eyewear connoisseurs all over the world. Every single frame is painstakingly handmade of rare and precious materials such as natural buffalo horn, fine woods, carbon fibre, leather, titanium, 18 karat gold and diamonds, using the best of German handcrafting techniques.

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Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear:  Revolution II by MAYBACH Eyewear
Model: Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

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