KAOS: the 2018 campaign

All the irreverent energy of KAOS, a young brand with a unique character produced by Area98, explodes in the new campaign images. Full-color shots in which bizarre masculine and feminine faces are literally “shaken up” by a spring to ironically contextualize gritty frames, designed for the audacious and cosmopolitan minds of those who love to live strong emotions and who are always on the move.

What is most striking is the lively and dynamic character of the elements represented: from the hair to the eyebrows, from the eyes to the lips, every detail of the faces that are the protagonists of the new campaign comes to life in the most unexpected shades and, thanks to the “shaken up” effect given by the swaying movement of the spring, contributes to recreating that unmistakable “apparent chaos” that inspires the brand.

An unexpected mixture of sensations originates from these amazing chromatic contrasts, reflecting the most authentic inspiration of KAOS and the ingredients that have made it successful over the years: creativity, transgression and passion. And it is in this totally unconventional context that the new frames are being presented, as always designed not to go unnoticed. The decorations – unusual, sometimes risky – are highlighted by exuberant colors that are reflected in the details of the photographed faces, giving rise to a decidedly innovative and extravagant form of expression.

In fact, KAOS is not simply a collection. It is an identity that loves to have fun, to play with colors and shapes and to experiment with the extravagant, without ever giving up quality and fashion.

Those who wear these frames want to be noticed, they want to stand out and they are far from the norms of banality. And the choice of representing the brand image through these shots of extreme originality is far removed from the traditional rules.

Learn more about their great collection at http://www.area98.it/collections/kaos

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