FHone – North West meets West Coast

FHONE‘s “North-West” in gold & blue,
meet West-Coast’s Amy in white & checkers.

Outstanding, uncompromised, modern, that brings out the best in you. Eyewear is so much more than fashion, eyewear becomes an extension of yourself. Yes it is fashionable, but it goes a lot further then just that. It is versatile, as people are. FHONE puts a little edge in the mix, making it an outstanding part of you.

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It is a naturally given aspect to make the glasses become an extension of yourself. Wearing glasses for more than 6000 hours a year, you should love the way they feel. The feeling for time and fashion gives their designers the ability to combine these elements, in the right dosage. FHONE is so much more than a fashion accessory – it becomes a part of you.
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Love your glasses, as you love yourself

FHONE Eyewear will make you fall in love, every time you look in the mirror. If you look in the mirror and recognize yourself it is a great day. They intend to be your number one eyewear collection, but also to find an ingenious way to talk about glasses. Fashionable, beautiful, made by artisan craftsmen in state-of-the-art quality, FHONE is the fusion between great design, quality and comfort.

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear: North West by FHONE
Model: Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

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