DITA: Duality ft. Sevdaliza

Iranian-born, Dutch-based experimental pop polymath Sevdaliza is impossible to pin down. A haunting singer; evocative lyricist; and progressive visual artist who is best known for a distinctive sound and aesthetic that playfully subverts both expectations and genre. But even this definition feels reductive as this exclusive short film demonstrates.


For DITA, Sevdaliza worked with long-time creative collaborators — film director Emmanuel Adjei and co producer Mucky — to craft an audio-visual experience that is unlike anything you have seen before. The dual nature of light and form are presented in an alchemical context that explores what perfected craftsmanship and a rich imagination can manifest.
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This movie was created to celebrate the launch of the brand new DITA dual lens. Meticulously engineered to harness the ever-changing properties of light, Rikton – Type 402 employs an innovative photochromic dual-lens construction for an unparalleled visual experience.
Click here for more info on this awesome Dita frame and its unique lens.
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