Variation Design

Nuria is wearing model “Adelaide” by Variation Design. These beautifully French made frames continue to surprise me due to their combination of unique shapes and color use, that still soften the wearers face. Their designers are just not content to frolic in a shimmering universe to make pale the most conscientious of the rainbows. Drawing inspiration from nature, geometric shapes or architecture, V.Design gives pride of place to the crafted temples. Asymmetric structures, material effects, laser engraved stainless steel for exquisite finesse: each creation has its own identity and reveals a sincere and controlled attention to detail without falling into eccentricity.

Shooting: TEFdoesMADRID
Eyewear: Variation Design
Model: Nuria Gomez of La Espejuelos
Photographer: Miguel Mazon Varela

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