Looking back at the Psychedelic 70s will most likely let you feel a breeze of Woodstock, free love and a late summer’s meadow filling up the space. John Lennon would have loved the round shape of this Boxi model by Framers. With a high gloss finish and vintage shape, it is more than an accessory for hippies. Its design adapts to different faces and the gradient color gives it this pair of sunglasses its final retro chic touch.

Framers develops, produces and markets hand-made designer spectacles made of acetate. A young start-up company, based in Berlin, we are one of the few brands in the industry to work with the remaining spectacle manufacturers in Germany. All hand-made in Germany. Our glasses represent not just sophisticated design and lifestyle, but sustainability and tradition, as well.

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Shooting: TEFdoesSILMO
Eyewear: Framers
Model: Nuria Gomez of La Espejuelos
Photographer: Miguel Mazon Varela

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