The innovative Danish eyewear brand Monoqool Eyewear is pushing the limits of what is possible with 3D printing. I am wearing their model Samba from their Slider series. It’s the thinnest 3D printed glasses the world has seen, comes with a weight of only 4 grams and it is featuring a clever screw less hinge only made possible with 3D printing.

The simplest ideas are often the hardest to get. The solution which makes you think: why didn’t I think about that? Such an idea is a result of eliminating all unnecessary elements. That’s what Monoqool strive for. Every day. Bringing the wearer ultimate comfort is top of their agenda. They make ultra thin frames. Lightweight. No screws. Easy to adjust. Happy customers.

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Shooting: TEFdoesSILMO
Eyewear: Monoqool Eyewear
Model: Maarten Weidema of TEF Magazine
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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