Wood Fellas

Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony. No, I am not going to sing you a Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder song. But there is definitely music in this frame by WOOD FELLAS. The combination of the ebony wood and the classic Havana acetate is just beautiful. Love the matching acetate end tips, that provides adjustability as well as striking design.

Ebony and Ivory, a pairing which even has its own song – that‘s how valuable the wood from the Diospyros tree, from which ebony is harvested, is. As far back as ancient Egypt the wood, which mainly came from East India or Africa and is very dense (making it more durable), has been treated with reverence.  WOOD FELLAS celebrates Holy Wood instead of Hollywood, here the München flair is brought to life in style. Here the bond to nature and urban lifestyle walks hand in hand. They love nature’s materials. That’s what they prove with their name. Because they walk the world with open eyes, they discovered, that not only wood fits their handmade eyewear demand perfectly – there are also other natural resources that fascinate them a lot.

WOOD FELLAS specs are not only one of a kind in the matter of a stylish look and naturally beautiful materials – but also combine many other components that make wooden glasses, slate or horn rimmed glasses unique.

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Shooting: TEFdoesMADRID
Model: her: Nuria Gomez of La Espejuelos
Photographer: Miguel Mazon Varela

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