Do you know that feeling, when you are out in the city and suddenly the sun pops up and blinds you. Or you planned to go shopping but then decide otherwise and want to go skying maybe (In Austria, that doesn’t sound all that strange).

Many of the frames by FHONE come with matching clip-ons. Often so designed that you wont even notice it isn’t part of the frame. They feel that eyewear is so much more than fashion, eyewear becomes a part of you. it is versatile, as people are. They put a little edge in the mix, making it an outstanding part of you.

FHONE intends to be your number one eyewear collection, but also to find an ingenious way to talk about glasses. FHone is an eye-to-eye communication accessory, fashionable, beautiful, made by artisan craftsmen in state-of-the-art quality. Japanese titanium, Italian acetate, calibrated hinges from Austria combined with german engineering and Stefan Flatscher design. FHONE is the go to eyewear collection for every aspect of your life.

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Shooting: TEFdoesZURICH
Eyewear: FHONE
Model: Jennifer Bitsche of Faceprint
Photographer: Simon Bitsche

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