Philippe V

TEF TALK – Vision Expo NYC:
Philippe V

At Vision Expo, i sat down with Philippe Vergez from Philippe V. He makes pieces of jewelry reformed into eyewear straight out of Japan, and every season he amazes me with yet some other cool designs.

Philippe V, the creation of Philippe Vergez, was born out of the observed need of people to express their individualism in a world where they are surrounded by globalized conformity, even as they have to exist in that world. Along with co-founder Thierry Halbroth, world travelers and stylists in their own right, the two creative minds have developed a brand that truly defines “a brand for me.”

That brand embraces authentic Anarchist values and is a direct reflection of what is buried deep inside many people: a refusal to be tamed, a desire to live an unconfirmed life, or if living a conformed life is necessary, to do it with a twist, with a chameleon-like grace that keeps your spirit alive.

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