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Welcome to the registration page for the 2018 edition of the TEF Awards!

This year, TEF Magazine will host its very first award ceremony towards independent eyewear brands.
The application is free, but only available for independent brands that have been working with
The Eyewear Forum and that are exhibiting at Silmo Paris this year.

All participating frames will be judged by the members of the TEF Entourage,
yet a second award is given for the frame that was given the most likes by our online community of 20.000 opticians.

For each of the 7 listed categories, the top 5 frames will be physically displayed on the TEF Insta Wall at Silmo Paris.
The award ceremony will take place at the TEF Silmo Soirée on Friday the 28th of September on the Silmo floors.

Please create a user account below. Login in will then automatically take you to the registration form.

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