Promotion options

TEF Magazine’s goal is to empower independent eyewear brands to our 63.000 opticians, through web blogs, daily posts to social media and weekly newsletters. 

Below you will find several promotional options for various budgets to help you achieve marketing success in the months and years ahead. We are also happy to put together special packages tailored for those who want to commit for a full year.

Contact us today and see how we can help you get more customers.

Facebook advertorial

Advertorials will be immediately visible (pinned) when members visit our The Eyewear Forum group on Facebook, but will also be placed on the personal news feeds of the members. 

The content of an advertorial may be supplied by the brand, but will be rewritten by us to make more of an noncommercial appeal. You can send in as many pictures as you like, but somethimes less is more.

Reach: 13.000+ opticians

Price: € 175,-

Facebook top banner

Create maximum attention towards your new product or your running advertorial by combining it with a branded top banner on our Facebook group.

Paid top banners are the temporary identity of the forum for a period of 1 week. 

Banners including tradeshow invitations have an upcharge of €50,-


Reach: 13.000+ opticians

Price: €100,-

Lifestyle shoot on location

Every month we create lifestyle campaigns in a different city, with a different model and a different look. We have chosen not to use photomodels, or “lipstick” bloggers, but prefer to work with optical profesionals, like eyewear bloggers that are practicing opticians, journalists of optical magazines, designers or awarded opticians. We call this group of eyewear influencers “The TEF Entourage

Several lifestyle pictures as well as some detailed images of our model wearing your frame, will be published on all our socials and the website of TEF Magazine.

Reach: 317.000 optical professionals

Calendar 2019

January 2019
TEFdoesNYC – Sophia Visanji
TEFdoesBARCA – Jasmin Teichtmeister

February 2019
TEFdoesLA – Amy Roiland

March 2019
TEFdoesMOSCOW – Anastasia Blagochevsky
TEFdoesNYC – Jennifer Tsai

April 2019
TEFdoesPARIS – Carole Riehl
TEFdoesITALY – Giula de Martin

May 2019
TEFdoesSUISSE – Martin Graf
TEFdoesAustria – Jennifer Bitsche

June 2019
TEFdoesPORTO – Patricia Vieites
TEFdoesLISBOA – André Oliviera

July 2019
TEFdoesGALICIA – Arantxa Rey Ferro

August 2019
TEFdoesBERLIN – Sarah Settgast
TEFdoesLONDON – Elizabeth Yeowart

September 2019
TEFdoesMINNEAPOLIS – Stephanie Haenes
TEFdoesTHEGODDESS – Autianna Wilson

October 2019
TEFdoesBRAZIL – Chantal Goldfinger
TEFdoesLjubljana – Blaž Oberč

November 2019
TEFdoesNYC – Sophia Visanji
TEFdoesNYC – Selima Salaun

December 2019
TEFdoesLONDON – Siu-Yin Shing
TEFdoesBARCA – Carla Isabel Pires

Price per shoot

Want to participate, just send us one of your frames and we make it go viral. `
The price to participate with 1 frame is € 350,-

Price: € 350,-

Website side banner

A horizontal banner that will be positioned on the top side menu of TEF Magazine. Including a short description and link to your website or landing page of your choosing.

Price: € 150,- per month

Website editorial

Send us your press release and we will publish it in the news section of TEF Magazine. This will also be added to our weekly newsletter to 19.500 INDEPENDENT opticians!

Price: € 150,- or € 900,- per year (max 10)

Dedicated newsletter

TEF Magazine sends out weekly newsletters to about 19.500 independent opticians from all over the world. Advertising in our newsletter delivers your message to thousands of qualified subscribers who rely on us for the latest industry articles, news, and product information. All ads include a link to your website or desired landing page.

But the most effective option is having us design a fully dedicated newsletter, solely about your new product or novelty.

Price: € 350,- per send newsletter or € 2.000 per year (max 10)

Tradeshow video interview

At most international shows, there will be the option to get a video interview with our editor, discussing your brand and your latest products. These videos will be published to our B2B socials and the TEF Talk section of TEF Magazine, including subtitles (if needed).

Reach: 50.000 opticians

Price: € 150,-

TEF Talk, Interview in your city

Our latest concept is called TEF TALK, a “talkshow” where eyewear influencer Maarten Weidema talks to three eyewear designers in a quiet restaurant or bar, discussing the “Sex, drugs and Rock&Roll” of the eyewear industry.

Opticians love to see the people behind the brand, and we will therefore discuss a wide variety of topics, like your hobbies and passions, and naturally your eyewear.

Reach: 50.000 opticians

Price: € 350,- (min. 3 brands per city)

Multiple site discount packages are available. Let’s discuss a program that will work for your business needs.

All advertising prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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