Nirvan Javan

So what do you do when the University of Design keeps telling you NO, but still you have all this creativity inside you. Do listen to your daddy and finish your optical education, or follow your passion and create the eyewear collection of your dreams. Swiss designer NIRVAN JAVAN did both! Check out this little TEFtalk we had at the Opti show:

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Nirvan Javan” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]“The interaction between simplicity and perfection is what gives NIRVAN JAVAN’s products their character. It is the person that brings this to life”[/perfectpullquote]

NIRVAN JAVAN is dedicated to the symbiosis of people and design. The puristic script puts the focus on the person and their natural beauty, and dispenses with the superfluous. The essence of NIRVAN JAVAN is characterised by passion, creativity and the pursuit of perfection. A distinction is made between important and unimportant factors, and the designs are reduced to their pure aesthetic essence.


NIRVAN JAVAN gives the individual this form of freedom. In our hectic and flamboyant world, a place of tranquillity and comfort is created, which allows you to focus on the important things. The highest standards of quality, meticulous working methods and the designer’s puristic script round off the image and complete the essence of NIRVAN JAVAN.

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Check out his website for more information!

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