The Optical Metaverse // Virtual Showcase and Fashion Show

TOM to Host Breakthrough Event for Public and Vision Industry, Pioneering the Metaverse

The Optical Metaverse (TOM), an extraordinary event produced by My Vision Show, an acclaimed platform renowned for groundbreaking virtual events, just announced its inclusive and visionary format for its upcoming Showcase and Fashion Show. Mark your calendars for July 7-9th as TOM takes you on an exhilarating journey inside The Omniverse City, in partnership with Airmeet, The Omniverse City’s cutting-edge Web 2.5 collaborator. This extraordinary showcase will captivate both industry professionals and the public, revolutionizing the connection between eye care professionals and patients like never before.

Breaking free from traditional boundaries, TOM introduces a groundbreaking feature that provides eye care professionals exclusive access to token-gated areas. Here, they can delve into the realm of new products and directly place orders with wholesalers, empowering them with the latest innovations. Returning by popular demand is a fun and interactive learning area where all participants who are interested in emerging eye care and technology trends can learn about their vision and how to action immediately. Visitors can choose from “traditional video format “(think Zoom) and full metaverse exploring.

But that’s not all. TOM welcomes non-industry attendees, providing a unique opportunity for eye care professionals to connect with fresh audiences and share crucial eye care information that is typically hard to find. The groundbreaking approach of a show that crosses industries is a unique opportunity for eye care professionals to connect with new audiences.

Registration is open for the public and all eye care and optical industry professionals with free admission until June 1 and $49 dollars thereafter. Attendees are invited to participate in one or all of the event’s enticing experience tracks:

The Fashion Track and A Spec-tacular Fashion Show:

Witness the first-ever eye-wear-focused fashion show hosted by The Omniverse City. Prepare to be dazzled by independent luxury Eyewear brands like Kirk and Kirk and David Green, with the unique opportunity to virtually try on and purchase their exquisite designs in real-time. Sustainable fashion and retail will also take center stage, igniting conversations about responsible choices.

Eye Care and Wellness Track for Industry Public:

Industry professionals will dive into the latest eye care and optical news, and technology advancements, and even gain valuable continuing education credits courtesy of the Clinical and Refractive Optometry Journal. Meanwhile, the general public will also be welcomed and given a chance to learn important information about their eyes and vision.

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A Chance to Enter the Metaverse with the Technology Tracks:

The Omniverse City, an avant-garde space for exploration, learning, and interaction within the metaverse, welcomes users to experience the current and future potential of Web3 through its AR/XR/VR, FIT, and AI-Gamification tracks.

Early adopters like Bruce Carnahan, famously known as the Guy In the Blue Shirt, and founder of Process Cleanup, have already seen the benefits for themselves. Bruce, who has a special connection to the eye care industry was initially skeptical but is now “now a full believer in [his] ability to expand laterally and universally with limited possibilities.”

The Future of Social Networking and E-Commerce

Prepare to witness the metaverse as the future of social media and e-commerce in the next decade. The Optical Metaverse Fashion Show and Showcase provide attendees with a competitive edge by introducing them to the latest advancements and tools the metaverse has to offer. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the limitless possibilities.

TOM offers a safe and fun way for individuals of all ages to experience the metaverse without the stress of a complex sign-up process. Plus, individuals entering for the first time can receive guidance from more seasoned users to improve their initial experience.

Join TOM, where innovation meets unity, and together, we shape the future of eye care, technology, and the metaverse

Read more about this show on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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