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10% of Americans use daily contact lenses as their primary method of vision correction, but there are hardly any options for storing or dispensing them. It’s time to say goodbye to the sacrificed drawers and cluttered countertops and say hello to organized daily contact lenses, and DailyLens by OptoOrg can be the solution to this problem.

OptoOrg Daily Contact Lens Organizer and Dispenser can save time, effort, and space. Your daily disposable lenses are kept out of the way but still accessible with the help of the DailyLens daily contact lens organizer and dispenser. The unit can be quickly mounted on the wall using adhesive strips or thumbtacks thanks to the two hanging tracks on the back. There is no need to disassemble your daily contact lens blister packs. Simply load them into the wall-mounted DailyLens Contact Lens Organizer, and then easily tear off the daily contact lenses as needed. With DailyLens, daily contact lenses are efficiently organized and decluttered.

The OptoOrg daily contact lens case has an easy-to-load long-term storage compartment, which can hold twelve rows of blister packs that will last up to six weeks for daily contact lens wearers. After mounting the DailyLens on the wall you can load the contact lens organizer with contact lenses directly from the box. If you have two distinct prescriptions, alternate the rows in the center cavity. This enables you to pull one row of each prescription to load the side cavities for daily use.

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DailyLens: Contact Lens Storage Details

The DailyLens daily contact lens dispenser and organizer is designed to fit contact lens blister packs from the most common brands of lenses. This cavity is designed to hold rows of five blister packs of these lenses. You have a choice of two colors for the organizer: black or white. If you like to be trendy, the DailyLens can be customized with an accessory. A magnetic photo frame or a Thinkboard whiteboard can take your DailyLens to the next level!

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