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2022 was a big year for AM Eyewear – when Johnny Depp wore one of AM Eyewear’s Limited Edition frames at last year’s trial that were released over 8 years ago, the brand quickly started to feel the pressure to rerelease the frame Ava in Mellow Yellow, as it was one of only 75 Limited Edition frames produced at the time. These sunglasses also started to appear on eBay for up to AUD $2000 a pair.

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AM Eyewear
Johnny Depp Frames Ebay

Sticking to their ethos of Limited Edition, AM Eyewear made the decision to not reproduce the frame, despite the commercial opportunities; but due to popular demand, AM Eyewear is bringing out the colour way that made the frame famous in the Tommy style, with only 50 units available for customers worldwide.

Limited Edition Tommy Mellow Yellow Blue Lenses - 157-MY-BU (1)
Limited Edition Tommy Mellow Yellow Blue Lenses - 157-MY-BU (3)
Limited Edition Tommy Mellow Yellow Blue Lenses - 157-MY-BU (2)

In light of the situation that brought the frame into the spotlight, AM Eyewear will donate a portion of the profits generated to Friends with Dignity, an Australian not-for-profit organisation that works on improving the quality of life of adults and children impacted by domestic violence, through the provision of financial and tangible resources, programs and scholarships; and enhancing the personal safety of these individuals.

About AM Eyewear:

Australian cult eyewear brand AM Eyewear was founded in 2003, thanks largely to the absence of unique hand-crafted frames within Australia.

Drawing on their Australian Made namesake, AM’s mission to create beautiful and exceptional eyewear soon matured into a global wholesale company with leading optical and fashion stockists worldwide. Handcrafted in Italy and Japan, using a combination of Titanium plated with real Gold and Acetates from Japan and Italy, AM Eyewear sunglasses are fitted with co-branded nylon Zeiss lenses and Gold ET AR back coating.

Designed by hand using traditional methods, each step in the manifestation of a frame uses processes passed on by master artisans, combined with the latest in eyewear technology. In an industry where multinational companies are all about the numbers sold, AM Eyewear’s ethos is to be a creator of eyewear and not a counter of eyewear.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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