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Swedish EOE Eyewear is now launching the Eternity Collection with handmade gold frames.

Materials, craftsmanship and mystery. That’s the motto of EOE Eyewear’s latest collection Eternity with the models Milkyway, Andromeda and Crater that are made from gold. With a design inspired by gold’s place in nature, the bows have been chiseled and hand-shaped into a twisted shape inspired by the branches of the tree by a jeweler in a small northern village called Lannavaara.


All the gold on our planet is believed to have been created, and fallen to Earth, when two dead stars collided in space. A finite metal with a lot of mystery connected to it. The Eternity Collection takes advantage of what gold and its history stand for, with the ambition of creating a unique place in the owner’s heart.

  • At EOE, the material we create our frames from is always a guiding light in the entire process, and there is something both mysterious, raw and beautiful about the gold that has attracted us for a long time. With this collection, we get to take everything we stand for to its peak - sustainable material, world-class craftsmanship and design inspired by the nature found in Swedish Lapland.

    This is an exclusive collection, and we want to pay tribute to everything it stands for. Therefore, it felt important that the glasses should rest in a special and slightly mysterious place at home.

The glasses come in a hand-blown case made in Kosta Boda, uniquely created by glass designer Lisa Reiser.

About EOE Eyewear:

All EOE frames have their starting point in northern Sweden. A landscape so rich in varied nature and in raw materials just waiting to be taken into use. It’s from the north the inspiration for the EOE-specific design derives and it’s from here the materials for the frames are gathered.

Horns from reindeer who have browsed calcareous grounds. Birch trees from The City of Birches (as the EOE-founder’s hometown of Umeå is often referred to) and quartz are hand-picked in the forests outside of Kiruna in the very north. All in all, everything that EOE does happens with the same philosophy and objective: to leave as little footprint as only possible.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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